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I wont say I didn't have time to draw anything for christmas or the new year since I've been doing little else besides playing mario with my brother and watching youtube videos and bad anime. I guess having a kinda real job now just made me wanna kick back and relax this holiday season. Still, these things help me keep track of where I am at certain points in life, so since I didn't want to forgo my usual new year journal entry, here I am checking in with what's been going on with me.

I'm real happy with how far I've come with my nuzlocke, but it worries me that it's pretty much the only thing I want to work on anymore. I dont really want my legacy to be nothing but creating fan comics, but it's what I enjoy making right now in my life. Working out prices for commissions stresses me out and I rarely enjoy that kind of work, and I'm a pretty lousy writer so blogging doesn't seem like something I could keep up with. I don't know what I want to do, as all I can see is what's right in front of me, but what's right in front of me is my nuzlocke and I dont really want to draw anything else. I gotta try tho, despite my horrible work ethic and poor motivation.

I should definitely start Instagraming again at the very least, I was doing pretty well with it for a while but then it dropped off again. I also want to start doing pokemon families again, there are many more generations to cover. Also that "anime opening" i started years back for my nuzlocke? Yeah, i'd like to finally get that finished. I know, more pokemon projects, but I cant help it. That being said, my past self did threaten me in my last birthday journal to have a more fleshed out plan for an original comic story, so I guess I have until July to make good on that promise. I think I may be trying to hard to make something amazing, I should go easy on myself and start with something more simple and small, maybe a mini series that isnt too grand just to get my feet wet.

I'm looking forward to the Switch coming out. I have $300 sitting in a can for that reason, and my siblings are willing to cover the difference if it's not enough. I'm looking forward to watching more anime in the new year. I can't wait to play Breath of the Wild. But most of all I'm looking forward to making you guys laugh and cry and scream, I say this a lot but your comments and support are what keeps me drawing, and I'm grateful for that.

Happy New Year mates. ^ w ^
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osarumon tagged me in this. Check out his Pearl Nuzlocke, the art isnt as polished as mine, but his writing is top notch and his humor is superb! Thanks for the tag and here I go:

8 facts about Jet:
1) Jet chose a Tepig as her starter purely because she wanted to name it something punny.

2) Jet's Mom is from Kanto, but was born in Hoenn. Her dad is from Johto. Jet has a big sister named Soren. Soren helped Juniper fill the pokedex, and now works on a ranch taking care of all the Pokemon she caught during her journey.

3) Jet wishes she could play the harmonica.

4) Jet got her hair cut short because she got gum stuck in it once, and liked it so much she kept it that way.

5) Jet hasn't showered once since she left home in episode 2. Just kidding, Bianca makes her shower whenever they get together.

6) If Jet were a Pokemon she would be a Larvesta. Her favorite Pokemon is Sealeo.

7) Despite being the Hero of Truth, Jet never paid much attention in school, which is why she knows very little about anything.

8) Jet was born on May 23rd as Janet Black. Only substitute teachers and her dad calls her by her real name.
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Hey guys! I've decided last minute to participate in Inktober this month (I'm a sucker for 30 day challenges)! At the end of the month I'll scan them nicely and post them all together here on deviantart, but if you want to follow along with how I'm doing daily I'll be posting them as I go on my Tumblr and Instagram. Those of you who already follow me on Instagram, I will be doing this instead of the daily squares.

Thanks for your support as always, and happy inking to anyone else doing Inktober!
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Wow! Wow! Thank you for your well wishes! I'm so excited for the next year, I doubt we'll be seeing the end of the Nuzlocke soon, but after 5 years of snail-pace uploading I finally feel like we're making some progress! I hope you feel the same way >w<

I'm excited to finally be instagraming again. Doing those daily squares had been very fun for me and looking back on the shear quantity can be very amusing, so I hope I can keep this up for a long while more!

Also, if you haven't already please drop a vote in the Nuzlocke's Popularity Poll. It'll be up till the end of July. It's really just for fun, and afterwards I'll draw a little something for it. I really do enjoy working on the nuzlocke but being a series based on Pokemon I can never actually make a living off of it, so your comments really are the only reason I keep drawing it. Thank you all again so much, every single one of you who reads the nuzlocke and especially anyone who has ever left a comment. To those who were with me from the very beginning, those who showed up recently and left a comment on every page as they read along, those who remembered the comic and came looking for it after a long hiatus, and to anyone who took the extra time to provide paragraphs worth of analysis and commentary. Your encouragements keep me going when I'm feeling uncertain! Your criticisms keep me striving to do better! And some of your speculations even fuel my creativity when writing new episodes! Oh, and I of course must mention everyone who has ever let me know of a broken link, or a misspelled word, or any other technical issues (like that one time I forgot to color in N's sleeves), I can't thank you enough for helping me make this comic an enjoyable reading experience for everyone!

I wasn't able to start my own series this past year, but maybe in my next trip around the sun I will find an original story along the way. If not, I most certainly better have a more fleshed out plan than I do now (that's a threat, Future-Me! I'm warning you!)

Of course, right now the thing I'm most excited about is LOZ Breath of the Wild, which I think is supposed to be out in 2017. Will it be before my next birthday? Hnnnngh!

Anyway, I had a nice birthday : ) Happy July 4th if you live in North America, and to everyone else still have a happy july 4th ya? Laters!
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I've been using a Wacom Intuos 4 graphic tablet to make all my drawings, and lately I've begun feeling a little bit held down by the product. It's a great tool, don't get me wrong, but the lack of control I have over my lines means constant redraws which makes my workflow very slow.

Nearly every artist I look up to and admire seems to use some sort of cintiq (the kind of tablet you can draw directly on the screen) and for the longest time I felt a sort of foolish pride that I was able to achieve such great results in my own work with a simple intuos. Part of this is that I was afraid of change. I was afraid of investing the money on a better tool and afraid that the new set up would be hard to adapt to. I'm pretty set in my workflow, however slow it is, and I wasn't sure I was ready to change it.

Money was another issue. I'm still not sure if I want to be spending a thousand dollars on what is essentially a glorified monitor. Do I get the 13 inch or the 22 inch? Will it work smoothly with my little laptop or will I need to purchase an iMac as well? What if my car breaks down and I need the money for that?

After all that, I think I've decided to make the buy. My intuos still works fine, so if I get frustrated with figuring the new tool out then I can always use the old one for a while. As for which model to get, I think I'll get the small one first, and then if I feel limited by the small work space I can return it and get the bigger one. One step at a time, right?

Thanks for reading, I wanted to share my thoughts on this matter before I made this leap. If I do end up getting a new computer as well, I will be switching to Manga Studio, since I've used up both my Photoshop licenses and I refuse to sign up for Adobe CC (even if the Adobe Animate CC looks AMAZING). I can't justify paying so much for an art program until I can figure out how to better make a living off of the art, but I feel like making a change in software will be a much more painful change than getting a new tablet. We shall see, and in the mean time, please let me know if you have a cintiq, what do you think of Adobe's subscription system, and what your favorite drawing program is!
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Hey guys! Last month I was busy working on some animations for the Save Lucy the Bat Campaign. I made three short 30-60 second shorts for kids to show how bats arent scary and stuff. The videos will be available in the public domain, I just have to wait for the clients to post them first before I can post them myself.

The first one is currently up on my tumblr if you want to see it. [link] I still dont know how to upload videos to DA.

All the animation was done in flash, the story and character design were by someone else, but I did most of the sound effects myself, with some that I couldnt do taken from royalty free ones. I sure do wish I had a better microphone XD. Let me know what you think and I hope you look forward to the other two!
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Just wishing you all a jolly start of the year and for many fine days ahead! Peace and joy to you and yours!
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Hey folks!

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I got myself a table at Katsucon this upcoming February!

Some of you may remember back when I posted some cute dogs:
Dogs by Zerochan923600
I sold these at the last artist alley I had a table at, and am thinking of making a few more.

Please leave me some suggestions on which dog breed you would like to see added this set!

If you want to buy these doggy dog stickers now, head over to my Store! I wont be able to get stickers to you by Christmas, but you don't need a holiday excuse to have cute puppy stickers right?

Also, you know what I've never done before? A giveaway! Let me know which dog breed you would like to see added to the set, and I will pick one random mate to send a complete sticker set of all 16 dogs once they're done! Only comment suggestions on this journal or on my tumblr post will count!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
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I did it mates! I finished!

And with a whole day to spare! It has been a great month. My book is absolutely rubbish, I can’t even look at it, but it was a nice trip down memory lane (I wrote a Redwall fanfic) and I got to reconnect with one of my absolute favorite book series of all time.

As we go back into normal life and the winter season, here’s what’ll be going on with me from here:

1 - The Animal Crossing comic I’m drawing for :iconbrawl9977: will start updating again here on my deviantart. I think the update schedual on the actual website(Link) will be changing from four pages a month to one page weekly, which means no regular content in December.

2 - I’ve gotten a big gig that I can’t share the details with you just yet because of legal reasons, but it is well paid and animation based, so I am excited and nervous about that.

3 - I will announce this again when it gets closer, but I’ve been accepted into Katsucon’s artist alley, so preparations for that will need to start soon as it is in February. My table set up from last time could use a few improvements.

4 - And lastly, my nuzlocke, which I will continue to work on but seeing as how the other projects are actually paid work I need to prioritize, it’s a maybe a this point. You are all very important to me and I will definitely have an episode out by January, but December is a maybe. I feel bad since we just came out of November without an update, but please dont give up on me!

For everyone studying for finals, I hope you do well! Get plenty of rest! Eat well and stay warm! I’ll keep you posted!

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Hey guys! Updates for my Nuzlocke comic have been awfully slow for the past few years, and I've decided to start pushing myself to do better. I'm going to start doing monthly updates again, like the good old days, and despite me still being as busy as before, I feel like I can do it. This is my challenge to myself, and I’m announcing this here and on my other sites in the hopes that you all will help me do it by shaming me if I fail to deliver on my promise.

I'll be posting the episodes at the end of each month here on DeviantArt, but they will get posted to my nuzlocke's website as soon as they are done. Updates there are announced on my tumblr and my thread in the nuzforums, so if you want to see them early follow be there. Links provided below.

In other news, I've been commissioned to do the art for an Animal Crossing fancomic called Animal Crossing Adventures, so stay tuned for that (will be posting them here and on tumblr). I've always loved the style of the animal crossing games but never really had an opportunity to draw them, so I'm hoping this'll be great fun. The first two pages are out if you want to check them out, here's the website they will be uploaded to: Animal Crossing Adventures Website
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Hey guys, I started doing the Wolf style meme over on my tumblr. It takes me so long to do each one that I decided to post them as I go, so go check them out if you want. So far I only have two done, but I'm thinking I can get one posted every day. I'll be posting the full meme here once I'm done.
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I'm finally back on my computer! I wanted to post something on my birthday but I couldn't figure out how to use deviant art on my phone. Thanks so much for all your well wishes and happy birthdays! I even got a lovely piece of art from :iconeworm:, go check it out it's in my faves. I absolutely love it, that's gonna be my wallpaper for the next month! thanks so much!

It's amazing that I'm already so old, I still haven't found out how to make a living off of what I love doing, but I'm working harder at it every day so I know I'll get there eventually. It's awesome having good friends, my family, and all of you guys to support me. I look forward to another year of art, more animation (hopefully), and more comic updates if I can help it!

Oh yeah, and I did still get presents this year (i aint that old yet!). I already mentioned the picture above from eworm, and I got a cool little pocket watch from a very good friend of mine (i've always wanted one and it's perfect!). I also got new pillows and a new mug with doggies all over it, and a new wallet and a new bag. Man, maybe I am getting old XD. And my sister drew me an awesome picture of my favorite animal crossing villager, Olaf. and then of course all the lovely comments you all left me, what better gift than your words of encouragement! >W<

ok, that's enough of me, it's not even my birthday anymore XD that's what happens when you go on a trip on your birthday. oh well. Thanks again and have a lovely week!…
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Hey guys, I got a newgrounds account in order to enter my Land Before Time piece to Jazza's monthly challenge. I never really planned to join another art sharing site, but now that I'm on there, I figure I might as well stay?

If you're on newgrounds and want to follow me, here's a link to my page:

I'll still keep posting here and on my tumblr, but newgrounds seems like it's more focused on video related art, like animation and game, which makes me hope I'll be encouraged to animate more now that I'm on that kind of platform. Also since I post pretty much everything here, from illustrations to comics and a lot of PMD stuff, it makes my gallery feel a bit cluttered sometimes. So, just like how I post mainly sketches or work in progress on my tumblr, I think i can use newgrounds as a place to post only my polished pieces, give them a bit of a spotlight uncluttered by all the fun stuff I do. That's my plan at least, you can let me know what you think below.

I'm nearly done with the next episode of the nuzlocke, got a few more lines of dialogue to write in. Story is hard! i've mostly been working on an animated anime style opening animation for my nuzlocke, which is fun but time consuming, so hopefully I'll have that to show you soon as well. I'll start posting updates on that project on my tumblr, so if you want to keep up with that just follow zeropro on tumblr.

I think that's all I have for now. I should stop staying up so late. have a good one!
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Hey guys!
I got a Storenvy account, so now I can sell my art things as prints! I might also sell other things like buttons and stickers, but for now I'll stick with the basics.

Here's the link:

This is my first time running an online store, so any tips would be appreciated. Since I work at a print shop, I figure I'd just print orders when I get them. We'll see how this goes.

So far I have 8 pieces up for sale, but anything in my gallery is available, so if you want something you don't see, just let me know and I'll add it to the store! I think most of the normal posters are laser prints on 11x17 glossy paper for $17 each, and they'll be rolled up and mailed in a tube.

Again, thanks for your support and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day!
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Hey guys! Quick update up in here.

I finally decided to invest in some domain names and a hosting account! The old hosting had been giving me issues with my nuzlocke site, taking images down and stuff, so I say phooy to that.

Jet's Black Nuzlocke will now be at

and my online portfolio is now at

yay! you can check them out if you want, nothing's changed, i just moved everything over from the old sites. i know they arent the prettiest, give me a break!

i'm sorry to say i dont think this means i'll be updating any more frequently, though i am really sorry i missed the last one. I been working hard on that night watch painting, so i swear as soon as i have that done i'll finish up the next episode and post it (it's like half done!).

now for a poll! Do any of you want me to do a Q&A for the nuzlocke, like those cool kids do? I forget if i asked this before, so it doesnt matter, but If enough of you want it still then I might start taking questions when i post the next episode.

also i just finished watching steven universe. awesome show! though the tone of it was like 4 seasons of adventure time smashed into one : |
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Uuugh, oh man. How is it this cold, it was like, nice a day ago.

Hey guys, the weather's getting colder, which tells me winter is coming, which means i need to get started on the next episode of the nuzlocke, which i've actually sketched out beforehand, thanks past me! Drawing has been kind of hard lately, and i'm blaming it completely on the fact that I had to get a new computer. I'm keeping my old laptop on as a drawing top, since it has a larger screen and all of my files and photoshop, but since i have no internet on it, i have no incentive to even turn it on unless i need to draw. :| yeah, for someone as lazy as I am, this is bad. Also I been hanging with my friend Kitty, who likes to livestream a lot, which got me thinking that I should livestream too to help my productivity, but guess what you need in order to livestream: Internet! Oh cruel world. On top of all this PMD-U has decided now of all times to put out their first dungeon, which as fun as it sounds, is yet more work I have no incentive to do.

Reminder that the Jet's Black website is down, the host says they cant upload so many images, so I'm looking for another host. someone suggested to me Webpress, so i'm thinking of getting an account and moving the site over there. Stay tuned for an update on that front.

In other news, Tomodachi life was fun and cute but I think it's run it's course (i've kind of lost all interest in the relationship aspect of it since my parents broke up in game. it would be great if you had more control over certain relationships). I'm looking into trying out that new game i been hearing about called Fantasy Life. Any of you have it? Would you recommend it? I'm hoping there are multiple files so my brother can also have a file without getting in the way of mine (if you know what i mean). Anyway, it looks cute and fun, so I'm planning to sell my tomodachi life to get it, but I love the song maker in tomodachi life, so i'm trying to record footage of all my favorite bands and songs before i wipe the game (with my crummy iphone camera, man i need to buy myself a camera). we'll see how that goes. XD

hope you all are surviving your finals, happy holidays!
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Hey guys! Sorry I wasnt here to wish y'all a Happy Thanksgiving day, but my laptop has finally croaked and I was without internet for the past two days. I got myself a new laptop, it's a 13 inch macbook, instead of the 15 I had before, so yeah, we'll see how it goes. The old one had a good run, (it's gotta be 5 years or so by now, man) the display is coming loose from the body, causing it to freeze occasionally when I try to adjust it. It still works though, just the internet is gone. I've decided to move thigns over to my new laptop manually, the old one was getting really cluttered to the point where i couldnt even hope to reorganize it, so maybe this will be like a new start for me, hee hee hee.

So yeah, it's not that I dont appreciate you, it's that my lappy died. I love alla y'all, I'm so grateful for your comments and positivity, I've never had to deal with hate or trolling from any of you and I think that's amazing. Also the fact that so many of you stick with me waiting for nuzlocke updates, despite the horrible slowness of it all, I appreciate it ever so much. Winter is coming, so I guess I should work on the next one soon. But for now, I went and wrote a little song for y'all. Actually, it's just a rewrite of an existing song, sing it to the tune of the Beatle's Let it Be, If you dont know it then go look it up cuz it's a nice song.

(To the Tune of Let It Be)

When i'm down and not so happy
I go through my old art and stuff
reading all your comments
it's enough

and when i'm feeling kinda lazy
and making art seems way too tough
i go through all your comments
it's enough

it's enough, it's enough
it's enough, it's enough
To get me back on my feet,
it's enough

When i feel my style's lacking
and other's seem so off the cuff
i look at all your comments
it's enough

and when i'm down to my last second
deadlines making life so rough
i look through all your comments
it's enough

it's enough, it's enough
it's enough, it's enough
even when i'm broken
it's enough

When it's cold or way too humid
and first-world problems pile up
i read through all your comments
and it's enough

some folks get the trolls and haters
i've never seen that kind of stuff
anywhere in your comments
and it's more than enough

it's enough, it's enough
it's enough, it's enough
thank you for your comments
it's enough

Hope you guys have a great weekend, stay safe and stay warm!
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Hey guys, I finally gave in and got an instagram. I sketch a lot of stuff that never gets posted because I'm too lazy to scann, so my friend told me i could just take pics of them with my phone and upload them to instagram. Here's a link to my page if you would like to follow me there!

ZeroPro on Instagram
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Well, Dashcon was a lot of fun, the artist alley was nice and i had a great time with my table and just interacting with all the wonderful people there. I sold a lot of buttons and a lot of stickers, but I still have a ton left over. I'd like to make this stuff available online but I dont know of many places where I would be able to sell fanart without running into legal issues. now that I'm home again and the convention is over, I guess i have no excuse not to do some research on that, not to mention return to job searching and commission work. Also I still need to clean my room and oh yeah i had a nuzlocke that needs drawing. Ugh, I have the episode sketched, i just have to ink and color it and I am finding it very hard to get myself to do that. I almost wish the next mission or whatever in PMD-U will start so i have an excuse to procrastinate more. Unfortunately, like i said, with the con over I have no excuse not to sit down and ink that stuff. I owe you guys that much at least.

I havent even checked my 3DS since i got back but I bet i got tons of streetpasses. cant wait to find out >w<

anyway, i'm just posting to let you all know i got back safe and sound. first time flying in country, i've flown before but it's always been with my family and always to china. i'm going to go back to cleaning my room now, gotta find somewhere to put all my booth stuff. laters!
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First tag from :iconihasflare:

The rules are:
1.You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people

8. No tag-backs

10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry


1. What is your favourite Pokémon type?
Fire. Well, I say fire, mostly because i always choose the fire starter. I actually dont use many of the fire pokemons. I really like a lot of normal type mons. But normal is boring, so I'll still say fire. BURN THEM ALL

2. What is your favourite game series?
Series as in all the games in that series? See, that's kinda hard, because, while i like Wind Waker, the LoZ series has been boring me lately, and while Animal Crossing has always been fun and continues to get better, I am annoyed that i have all the titles in that series. Mario is always fun, but I dont get as emotionally invested in it as the story is usually pretty weak. I guess pokemon. Pokemon.

3. Do you think fire is beautiful?
I think a controlled fire is pretty, but I would not find it beautiful if my room caught on fire.

4. What real world animal best depicts your personality?
A sloth

5. If you could live in the world of any movie, which would it be?
Uuuuh, i dunno. I'll have to think about this one.

6. Do you sometimes answer a question with a question?
Do you think I should?

7. What was your first ever Pokémon you owned that wasn't a starter?
Psh, I dunno, probubly a rattata or a pidgy.

8. What do you think of fairy type Pokémon?

9. How do you make most of your art?
Graphic tablet and photoshop

10. In a town, all the men get haircuts. They either cut their own hair or go to the barber. So who cuts the barber's hair?
His mom.

Second tag by :iconna3po4:

Rules -You must post these rules.
-Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
-Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
-Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal. 
-Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
-Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
-You have to legitimately tag 10 people. NOT 5. 10.
-No tag-backs. 
-You can't say that you don't do tags. 
-You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Ten Questions for You

1 What’s your favorite word for sound? Like, bang, thwip, yawp.
Onomatopoeia. That's what those are called. And my favorite is DELELELELE WOOOOOOOOOOP

2 Showing, or telling?
Show dont tell.

3 How do you tell your loved ones to get out of your face?
Politely and with due respect.

4 Who would you fill a Mad Libs booklet out with?
My sister XD

5 What’s the worst joke you remember?
To get to the other side!

6 Which words or phrases do you use the most?
Hello, what's up mate? Oh, oh well. Laters.

7 How misanthropic are you?

8 What’s the most you’ve paid for something you didn’t want?
How am I supposed to know? I guess 4k for that stupid blue car I got to replace my dad's old one.

9 How do you keep yourself busy on long car or bus rides?
Sing. Sing a song. Make it simple to last your whole life long!

10 Have you ever left something behind on purpose?
My dignity.

And since this part is pretty much the same for both of them I'll just do them as one.

10 things about me:
1. I always loose my pokemon games.
2. I'm one year out of college.
3. I play minecraft in my free time.
4. I have the next episode of my nuzlocke sketched, but I dont want to work on it.
5. I'm tired all the time
6. My room is super messy.
7. I'm going to sell prints at Dashcon!
8. I have an irrational fear of people standing in the dark where they arent.
9. I collect junk.
10. I recently got into the pkmn trading card game.

Questions for you guys:
1. What do you think of Adventure time?
2. What do you think of the Zelda series?
3. What do you think of the Madagascar movies?
4. What show are you currently into?
5. If you were in a story, what genre would it be?
6. What's your favorite flavor of icecream?
7. What's a weird food combination you enjoy?
8. If you were a pokemon, what type would you be?
9. What's your preferred social media site?
10. If Johnny has 4 apples, and Tracy has 2, why dont they both just shut up and eat?

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